Is this a full three day hunt? Do you arrive a day before, hunt three full days and depart on the fifth day?

At Rafter W there are no motel costs and no half day hunts, you hunt three  full days.

Will you see 30 or more 8-point or better bucks on a four day hunt?

Yes, at Rafter W you will see at least 30 or more.

Will the average buck harvested score 120 B&C or more?

Yes, ask the outfitter to show you a picture album with all of this year’s harvest. Compare the quality.

Is the ranch owned and operated by the outfitter?

Rafter W is family owned and operated.

Are deer fed high protein feed year round to insure maximum antler and body growth?

Yes, we do at Rafter W.

Does the outfitter have enough stands to insure a fresh area to each hunter?

Rafter W has 81 blinds and feeders, 57 one ton or greater protein feeders and 47 turkey feeders.

Does the outfitter limit the number of trophy bucks harvested?

Rafter W harvests only 40 mature bucks from 22,000 acres.

Is this a 2 on 1 guided hunt?

Yes, it is at Rafter W.

Are your deer caped and quartered for return on the plane? Is there custom processing available? Is there a competent taxidermist available upon request?

Yes, there is at Rafter W.

Are you given a list of current and past references?

See our references page byclicking here.

Are you furnished private rooms and baths? Are you furnished all linens and towels?

Rafter W has 10 bedrooms and eight baths all with central air and heat.

Does the outfitter furnish all soft drinks, beer, wine and sweets?

Yes, we do at Rafter W.

How long has the outfitter hunted this property? Have they been there long enough to institute a trophy management program?

Rafter W has been in business for 34 years hunting the same family owned and operated ranch.