Los Grandotes Mgmt
Los Grandotes Mgmt

1 Mature 8 or 9 Point Buck + 2 Doe

Up to 140” B&C Gross      $3,450.00   $1,000 required at booking

141” to 160” B&C gross    $4,450.00   $1,750 required at booking

161” to 170” B&C gross   $5,500.00   $2,500 required at booking

171” to 180” B&C gross   $6,500.00   $2,500 required at booking

3 days hunting, 4 nights in camp. Guide will estimate B&C score (hunter solely responsible for judging score)  Gross score is to be used on calculation trophy fee.

2 doe - guide’s choice.

One on one guided hunt. 

All wounded game is considered a kill.

This is not a guaranteed hunt.

Second deposit due June 1, remainder due upon arrival at camp.  No personal checks for final payment.  Cash or cashier’s checks only. There is  3% charge on credit cards.

There is NO airport pickup or return for this hunt.    


Youth Hunts - $2,750.00

2 bucks - spike to 7 point   guides choice

2 doe

$1,000 deposit required at booking. Balance required upon arrival in camp.

Non-Hunter  $150/day

This is a 1 on 1 Hunt

under 17 years old ALL Texas Hunting Licenses $6.00